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It is not a bad idea to be shopping for used equipment, not a bad idea at all. But particularly if you are going to be making use of such equipment for the purpose of carrying out your daily business, you do need to be extremely careful. The consumption of so-called dud equipment, within a short space of time, could end up being money down the drain. And so much for your devious or clever plan to be saving at the bank. Cash-strapped offices could do themselves some good in utilizing used telecom equipment.

used telecom equipment

They just need to make absolutely sure that it is all going to be working for them going forward. But how to get this right could have posed a challenge for the unwitting commercial consumer. How is he to tell that the equipment is working? He would normally have to wait until it was installed and switched on. Perhaps it is necessary to take a closer look at the supply side. Just to make sure, check that the supplier of the used equipment is indeed a local but licensed trader. Having ticked that of the checklist, you could look at the technical side.

Do not read too much into this act because other than using the equipment what do you know about its technical inner workings. So you’ll want to make sure that your retailer or wholesaler does have a technical team listed somewhere on its staff organogram. And these staff members should be competent and qualified individuals. And do note that there should also be an extended service warranty in place, given that the equipment has already been used a few times over. And it would be good to have a maintenance agreement in place.